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Freelance in 500 days - day 4 of 500

Wednesday 23rd March 2022, 6.43am

The last few days have been about admin. I wrote a list of tasks to do and first was a website audit. I tidied up my website, the first time I’ve logged on in 3 years:

Despite the WIX branding, I’m still pretty happy with it. I’m going to add more headings, including a place for this blog, as well as make it a single page site.

I also haven’t logged into my freelancer email in almost a year. 49 emails awaited me, which certainly could have been worse. All of that is now cleared.

The rest of my time has been spent getting acquainted with four freelancer sites. I’m now fully set up on Worksome:

As well as Upwork:

For these two websites, you apply for freelance assignments, the same way you would for a regular job. There’s then a vetting process and the best candidate wins.

The next one is my favourite: fiverr. You post ‘gigs’; essentially, priced packages for your customers. My outline is very simple: I will write a high quality article or blog post for you.

I have three packages here: a 500-word article for $5, also 1,000 words for $10 and 2,000 words for $15.

A lot of the gig pictures are either incredibly garish or too 'busy'. I’ve opted for a very simple one, with low price points too, which will attract customers:

So far, I’ve received 193 impressions and 9 clicks. Good numbers so far, but most importantly, my balance still stands at $0.

Finally, my peopleperhour profile:

Look at that 1 view!

Again, the same gig offered on fiverr, slightly adjusted to meet the typical price point restrictions of the site.

In addition to the above, I've been manifesting almost-daily. Each morning I perform a gratitude routine, meditate, then listen uplifting music whilst fantasising wildly about my dream job and lifestyle.

I'll do this each morning, though I admit to going out on Sunday night, which hampered Monday's plans somewhat.

Right, I’m off to get ready for the day job.

I’m on holiday from tomorrow, but will bring my laptop with me and make tweaks to the above profiles. I’ll also make a YouTube video.

Having researched whether to be a sole trader or LTD company, I've decided to not do it until I've earned my first £1k. I can then make a decision.

Freelance gigs I’ve applied for - 0

Freelance job offers - 0

YouTube views - 0

YouTube subscribers - 0

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