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DAY 61 of 500 - Thursday 19th May, 10:38am

Well, it’s been two months. I have a confession to make.

I wimped out of the challenge. Yes, I really did. I thought I would be the very last person to do that. Normally, I would. However, my life suffered some personal setbacks and a multitude of things stopped me from maintaining the good run of positivity and attraction I was generating.

However, I do have some great news.

Before I get to the news though, it’s worth noting that my YouTube channel is still a non-starter. The video that’s my current highlight has 37 views. It’s limping to an average of 1 or 2 per day. I came to this challenge expecting nothing and in those first early posts, I have 0 YouTube views. Now, I have 76 views plus one subscriber!

It has also received three and a half hours of viewing time. That’s three and a half hours more than I thought! Still, though, it’s fair to say it’s a very slow process.

Here’s the channel as of now:

Time to access what I expect. So, my expectations are being managed by a video I watched advising me to wait until I’ve uploaded 35 videos. Once I’ve hit 35, I’m to take a look at the statistics and if they’re not to my liking, I should review the content.

I’m not even on 10. Right now I’m just trying to be consistent, improve with every video, but most importantly, make every video entertaining.

If I stick to focusing 100% on the content, not letting the view count sway me into doing something different, that’s very likely the more sensible way forward.

Onto the good news. My fiverr profile has been a hit!

I had nothing for a month or so. Then, one day, I woke up to find out somebody had placed an order. Incredibly exciting! I’d never ever been paid for writing before and now here somebody was, purchasing an article for $5!

The topic was ‘Why is there a housing crisis in the UK?’. I sent it over, the client was very happy and immediately ordered another one. He then placed a 5-star review on my site and the orders started flooding in.

Here’s a list of my current orders:

Take a look at these numbers:

At the request of two clients, I added two more gigs, which we customise once we’ve agreed on a specific word count or fee.

These are currently paused so I can manage my workload.

Right now, I have three orders on the go: three articles on ‘current UK housing policy’, ‘Salento wines’ and ‘fencing to keep pets and animals in’; some English language reading comprehension activities; and some product descriptions for chairs, beds and bedside tables.

I’ve recently had such commissions as ‘can dogs eat crunchy peanut butter?’, comparing the best travel binoculars, as well as content editing for a website about all things Italy. As an example, this is one of mine: https://www.understandingitaly.com/berlusconi.html

For the first time in my life, I can see a possible way forward for a full-time career in content writing. The aim is just to become a Level One Seller on fiverr. For this, you need to reach $400 of earnings (currently $200).

It’s also clear that freelancing will have to move away from platforms at some point. This will be a difficult transition. My clients are currently paying $5 for a 500-word article. After the fiverr commission, it’s $4, which is £3.20. If I did this for a living at my current tax rate, I would take home £2.56, excluding National Insurance, pension, etc. For the one hour and a half/two hours required for research and writing, realistically I need to be earning £20. Would anybody pay that sort of money?

I suppose I will have the opportunity to experiment on fiverr. I will at some point add some gigs at a higher rate & measure their success. I will get to the magical $400, then do so.

Right, I think that’s everything. It’s been a whirlwind. The orders came so unexpectedly, but my partner has been so wonderfully supportive. It’s difficult not to feel guilty when she takes over housework and cooking for a few days, so I can keep on top of my orders.

I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but now I have the platform for my writing, I am able to manage my time better so I don’t get overwhelmed. Also, too, I can keep up my share of chores and responsibilities.

I have three orders in the queue, so off to go and research fencing for animals and pets!

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